Age of Bronze #29

Age of Bronze #29
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Age of Bronze #29


24 pages

Black and white

Color covers

Special Music Issue!

The first full-scale battle between Trojans and Achaeans is over. As most of the Trojans and the Achaeans rut, Achilles sings a song to the Achaean army about cosmic sex. At the same time in Troy, Pandarus's daughter Antigone sings of love, prompting in her cousin Cressida contemplative thoughts that culminate in a dream of a white eagle. Meanwhile, Priam chants in the temple in desperation. The Achaeans bury Iolaus, the first of the army to set foot on Trojan land during the initial battle. And the war continues, affecting the lives of everyone around. Characters move in and out of the spotlight, on and off the field of battle.

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