Daring Twins - Secret of the Lost Fortune

Daring Twins - Secret of the Lost Fortune
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A Daring Twins Mystery

The Secret of the Lost Fortune

by L. Frank Baum

Illustrated by Pauline M. Batchelder

5 1/2"x 8 1/2"  - 244 Pages - Hardcover

Half the house is sealed off--and weird noises emanate from the creepy old housekeeper's room. No one can even get in to see Gran'pa anymore! There's a mystery to be solved and the five Daring kids and the ones to solve it!

The mystery come to a head in the cemetary at midnight in a chilling and thrilling conclusion!

This period page-turner is full od suspense and excitement--and about kids growing up in a small southern town in 1908 America.

Originally published in 1911 as The Daring Twins this L. Frank Baum novel has always been among his rarest works--until now! Beautifully repackaged and reprinted, our new Pawprint Adventures imprint will make Baum's series books live again!