Paradox in Oz

Paradox in Oz
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Paradox in Oz

by Edward Einhorn - Illustrated by Eric Shanower

New edition with a dozen new illustrations and a new Afterword by the author!

6" x 9" - 254 Pages - Trade paperback

Soar to Adventure with

OZ IS AGING! Ozma, the lovely girl ruler of Oz, must find a way to restore the enchantment that keeps her people young and vibrant. A lovable but puzzling Parrot-Ox named Tempus carries Ozma back through time to seek the source of the aging enchantment. Ozma meets strange versions of her closest friends in an alternate timestream: Glinda, the Wizard, the Cowardly Lion, even Ozma herself! Along the way Ozma gains new allies in her quest: the irrepressible Dr. Majestico, the sympathetic Brussle, and the lovely Princess Ayala. Come journey with Ozma on her greatest adventure as she discovers the final amazing secret that involves the old witch Mombi, a city where nothing is what it seems, and the paradoxical future-history of The Man Who Lives Backwards.

Each copy autographed by artist with original sketch!


What people are saying about Paradox in Oz: "Released to celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, this new Oz adventure is true in its narrative style and its black-and-white artwork (by Eric Shanower) to the spirit of the beloved Oz books. . . . both the action and the humor quotient are high, and Oz fans will read to the expected happy ending."

"The writing is crisp and moves the episodic story along effortlessly. This is a handsome book . . . if your readers can't get enough of Oz, this should be on the shelves."
School Library Journal

"Edward Einhorn has captured the real spirit of the Emerald City in his Paradox in Oz. This gorgeous book, with a wealth of witty and archetypically Ozian illustrations by Eric Shaower, opens when a plague of aging descends on Princess Ozma's realm, forcing her to take action to save her citizens. . . . This stefnal material is incorporated brilliantly into the Baumian weltanschauung, and Einhorn's new characters harmonize perfectly with the famous ones. . . . This book insures that Oz will enter the new millenium in style."

". . . a delightful novel, well written, very much in the mood of Baum's original series, illustrations and all."
Piers Anthony, author of the Xanth series, etc.

"What truly takes Paradox out of the ordinary, though, is Einhorn's wonderfully inventive narrative. . . . On the whole, Paradox in Oz exudes originality in grappling with numerous intriguing Parrot-Oxes, and the results should be thoroughly pleasurable to Oz enthusiasts. Not since Merry Go Round in Oz, perhaps, has a traditional Oz novel been quite so cleverly crafted."
The Baum Bugle, A Journal of Oz

"A satisfying synthesis of Baum's classic style and Einhorn's modern, joyfully inventive excursions into the absurd."
Arthur Kopit, author of Nine, Indians, Wings, Y2K, etc.

Eloise Jarvis McGraw, Newbery Honor winning author of The Moorchild, Merry Go Round in Oz, The Striped Ships, etc., Edgar Award winner for A Really Weird Summer

"Paradox in Oz does full justice to the legacy of the Oz series and will be read and re-read by children (and their parents!)."
Midwest Book Review's "Children's Bookwatch"

"This obviously is a labor of love by devoted Oz fans. . . . Fans of the Oz canon will appreciate this work. Families may be inspired to seek out the original books and read them again."
Catholic Library World

". . . an entertaining book, and the illustrations by Eric Shanower are charming--in fact, they are certain to draw a reluctant reader into . . . paging through the book."
Yellowback Library

"Einhorn obviously fell in love with Oz a long time ago and never looked back."
True Review

". . . the magic of Oz is universal, and the author does a reasonably good job of capturing the spirit of Baum's creation."
Science Fiction Chronicle

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