Sam Steele's Adventures - Treasure of Karnak

Sam Steele's Adventures - Treasure of Karnak
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Sam Steele's Adventures

The Treasure of Karnak

By L. Frank Baum

Illustrated by E. A. Nelson

5 1/2"x 8 1/2"  - 237 Pages - Hardcover

Egypt--that mysterious land of ancient kings and pyramids--and fabulous treasure! Gold, pearls, precious gems--all buried beneath the eternal sands of ancient Egypt. Men will do anything to get their hands on such riches. They'll steal, lie, betray, and even murder. Come with Sam Steele and friends on a thrilling and dangerous quest to find an ancient Egyptian treasure of unimagined wealth. Struggling against all odds--pits filled with scorpions, traitorous allies, murdering desert tribes, mad camels, even the Egyptian government--the crew of the good ship Seagull finds what scores of searchers have failed at for more than two thousand years, to learn the hiding place of the legendary treasure of Karnak. But will the treasure still be there when they reach the hiding place? And how can they prevent anyone else from discovering the secret?

Available again for the first time in a hundred years, we are pleased to announce our much-anticipated new edition of L. Frank Baum's rare adventure novel The Treasure of Karnak. Our new edition includes all three original half-tone plates by Emile A. Nelson, plus new decorations by Eric Shanower and an expert Foreword by Egyptologist and Baum scholar David Moyer.

Bonus: Read all about L. Frank Baum's own trip to Egypt! Included is the complete excerpt from In Other Lands Than Ours, the rare Travelogue written on the spot by Baum's wife Maud during their extensive tour of Egypt and the Nile in 1906. Rare photos taken by L. Frank Baum himself - some never before published - accompany this detailed account of the trip that inspired the story of Sam Steele's Egyptian adventure.

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