Wish Express

Wish Express
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The Wish Express

By Ruth Plumly Thompson

Her little-known first novel

Illustrated by Hammon

Trolley Decorations by Eric Shanower

All Aboard The WISH Express! Next stop ADVENTURE!

In her very first novel, Ruth Plumly Thompson takes a boy and his dog on a magical trolley ride through the imagination!

Originally serialized in 1916 - this is the first-ever collection of the complete story! Thompson exhibits all of the qualities she later displayed when she took over writing the famous Wizard of Oz series. It’s a tale of self-discovery, talking animals, amazing little towns, great new friends, and a happy ending!

Our spiffy new trade-paperback features magical flip-book style TROLLEY ACTION! As you read along, the Wish Express Trolley zooms along the running-titles and if you flip through the pages you can watch the journey!

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